Friday, December 28, 2007

Grab Bag Friday: Origami Club

Last week, when we were snowed in, I did a little internet search to find out how to make small origami gift bags for my students. I came across the Origami Club which has tons of easy-to-follow origami designs rated from easiest to most difficult.

So I made my gift bags. But when Kevin came into the living room 45 minutes later, he also found an array of hats, bears, and stars strewn about. I looked up sheepishly and said, "What? I had to see if I could do them." Kevin's reply: "This may be the biggest nerd alert yet."

Well if you and/or your kids are bored over winter break, you might wander over to the Origami Club for a little paper-folding fun. Just watch can be addictive!


Audrey said...

Hi Josie -- This is Audrey (Reba's sister). I was checking out the Hatchet Cove Farm site (nice!) and clicked on the links for friends. Just had to let you know that Noah & I are in nerd-land with you: we love origami! We made 13 origami dinosaurs (Noah made most of them) on Sunday for his birthday party invitations after going to the origami exhibit at the Peabody Essex art museum in Salem, MA. They have some serious hard-core origami. Anyhow, we hadn't discovered Origami Club yet; thanks for the tip!

Josephine Cameron said...

Hi Audrey!
See, I *knew* someone else would like it as much as I did. :) Now I'm going to have to make my way to that origami exhibit. Hi to Noah!