Friday, December 21, 2007

Grab Bag Friday: A Wish for Wings that Work

Does anyone else remember this? Oh, I *loved* it when it came out. Animated Bloom County? What could be better? I just put it in my Netflix queue to see if it will stand the test of time.

I still have the book which I love even more.


doug said...

That is still my personal favorite Christmas special. Sure, Charlie Brown might be greater, but I videotaped "A Wish For Wings That Work" the first time it aired (the tape has snippets of commercials for things like the original Nintendo system) and have watched it a ludicrous number of times since then. My friend Kevin and I used to yell "ALBATROSS!" at completely inappropriate moments while working in a kitchen together. My sister and I still trade lines ("We're going down! Why are we going down? We're going down because penguins can't fly!") on occasion.

Along with the various Peanuts specials, I think AWFWTW is one of the rare cases where people successfully translated a daily comic strip into animated form. It's a tricky prospect, especially since they put voices in the mouths of the characters who you've been hearing in your head while reading the paper every morning.

And yes, it always warms my heart when Opus opens the door to see all the ducks with bowties getting ready to take him flying.

Amy said...

Hi Josie!
I must comment on how cool (and addicting) the snowflake sight is. My snowflake is #5718155 if you want to check it out. Do you have one?
Hooray for snow!

Julie said...

Please check out my blog today. It is about our mutual friend Kate!

Josephine Cameron said...

Doug...I'm so glad to hear someone else appreciates it too! In high school art class, one of my best friends airbrushed a giant poster of Opus flying with the ducks as a Christmas present for me. I still have it hanging above my piano & love to look at it every day.

Amy...I love your snowflake! I made one & sent it to my mom (aw!): 5718155.

Josephine Cameron said...

Thanks Julie! I'm heading over now...