Monday, October 15, 2007

Robert's Snow for Cancer's Cure Starts Today!

Just a quick reminder that the illustrator profiles for Robert's Snow for Cancer's Cure start today! And we're starting out strong:

Flower by Grace Lin (featured by In the Pages)
Supportiveness by Randy Cecil (featured by ChatRabbit)
Murphy by Michelle Chang (featured by The Longstockings)
Snow Day by Barbara Lehman (featured by The Excelsior File)
The Lion and the Mouse by Kevin Hawkes (featured by Cynthia Lord)

Both Cynthia Lord (remember Rules?) and In the Pages are giving away some *great* prizes in conjunction with the profiles!

There will be illustrator profiles and featured snowflakes every day from now until the start of the auction on November 19th. Please scroll down the list on the right for a constantly updated schedule.

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