Friday, June 11, 2010

Grab Bag Friday: New Yorkers and Ghostbusters

I haven't posted a video from Improv Everwhere in a while and they have been busy creating hilarity as usual.

Their most recent prank, The Tourist Lane, is a riot. If you go to the webpage, be sure to scroll down and watch the actual news footage on the project.

And last month, I loved their reenactment of the New York Public Library Ghostbusters scene. The project was intended to raise awareness for the giant budget cuts (25%) facing the library. Once again, creative genius.


Shannon Morgan said...

So I was reading Chris's post on Upstart Crow, and the comments, and thought, I wonder if that's the Josephine who wrote yesterday. So I clicked over to your blog (you're a songwriter too? cool). Then I saw your profile photo and thought, Wait, I recognize her. Zing-zow-flash, I realized you'd recommended a book on my blog.

Loooong story short, I loved TRUE GRIT. Thanks for the rec!

The internet is a weird and wonderful thing.

Shannon Morgan said...

p.s. (on topic) Improv Everywhere rocks.

Josephine Cameron said...

That's such a riot. I follow Daily Pie all the time and every once in a while, I think to myself "How in the world did I come across this blog, anyway?" I guess I must have stumbled on it during my research on Upstart Crow and I liked it enough to save it in my blog reader (and keep it there). It is a small, magical world.

I liked your carrot & stick post the other day. And I'm so glad you liked TRUE GRIT. It's a great book. Hope it was helpful for what you needed (hey! I helped you before you helped me. Cool!)