Friday, May 28, 2010

Grab Bag Friday: Teddy Tedholm

 Is it wrong that I'm glad it's summer partly because So You Think You Can Dance has started up again? Oh, Cat Deeley, how I've missed you!

Maybe I was in a sappy mood, but Teddy Tedholm's audition last night brought tears to my eyes within the first 20 seconds. The way this kid moves is so quirky and beautiful and heartbreaking. I kind of agree with Mia...he might be a genius.

You can watch it here, but you have to wade through about a minute of the "bad" auditions so the producers can set you up to understand how good he is. In case you were about to miss that little fact. :) [note: There's a new link/video below without all the intro stuff. Also, you can't really see the full screen here, so it might be best to click on the link. 5/29]

Teddy Tedholm: Boston Audition Season 7


Anonymous said...

does anyone know what his song was that he danced to?

Josephine Cameron said...

Hi Anon.
It's "Prague" by Damien Rice. So beautiful!