Monday, May 24, 2010

Book Trailers from Lane Smith & Neil Gaiman

I think I've posted a couple book trailers here before, but just in case you're new to the concept, it's basically a movie trailer for a book. I've been a little skeptical about book trailers...Are they effective? Worth the effort? Who will see them? Will they actually sell more books?

Well, here are two examples of book trailers that actually worked on me. As in, I saw the trailer, I had to have the book. What do you think? Are book trailers the wave of the future or just another passing fancy?

Trailer #1: It's a Book by Lane Smith
I plan to go out and buy It's a Book when it comes out in August solely because this trailer cracked me up. Now the question is, when August comes around, will I still remember it? I hope so!

Trailer #2: Instructions by Neil Gaiman
I just bought Instructions as a gift for someone who shall remain nameless (because I haven't actually gifted it yet) as a direct result of watching this trailer. What a great book for someone who is setting out on a journey or new direction in life (um, graduation, anyone?)

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Kristine Asselin said...

Got this book for my daughter, signed by the illustrator. It's so much fun!