Monday, September 15, 2008

Nikki Giovanni: Hip Hop Speaks to Children

I'm excited to announce that Nikki Giovanni's brand new book, Hip Hop Speaks to Children is on its way to stores near you (and is already available at Amazon). And guess what? The accompanying CD includes my musical version of Sterling A Brown's poem, Long Track Blues. How cool is that?

Hip Hop Speaks to Children is "a celebration of poetry with a beat." It includes work by Langston Hughes, Gwendolyn Brooks, The Sugar Hill Gang, Lauryn Hill, and dozens of other poets and musicians.

I've already seen a couple nice reviews online, and of course, I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across this little tidbit from Biblio File:
"The hamboning version of "The Pool players" and Josephine Cameron's sung version of Sterling Brown's "Long Track Blues" are tracks I can listen to over and over again."
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Here's a cool video of Nikki Giovanni introducing the book. You'll get a great glimpse into some of the stellar illustrations by Kristen Balouch, Michele Noiset, Jeremy Tugeau, Alicia Vergel de Dios, and Damian Ward.


Julie said...

That's amazing Josie! Congratulations! Adding the book to my future tikes 'wishlist'!

Anonymous said...

I know I've already sent you a congratulatory message about this but when I realized it was published by Sourcebooks I just had to tell you - they're located back in Naperville where I lived before moving to MN. My husband interviewed for a job there once and loved that place. He wound up teaching instead but got the chance to see/hear their publication called Poetry Speaks and I bought it for him to use in his Engl 101 classes - he loves it. I'm sure Hip Hop Speaks to Children will find a strong audience as well. I have added it to my son's wishlist. Anyway, congrats again.

Josephine Cameron said...

Thanks so much, Melanie! I have Poetry Speaks, when I was approached about this project, I was doubly excited. Seems like a great company. Apparently, they have another book in this series, Poetry Speaks to Children, which I will definitely have to check out.