Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Aretha Franklin, Mary J Blige, Harlem Boys Choir: Never Gonna Break My Faith

This weekend, Kevin and I watched Bobby, the movie about the day Bobby Kennedy was assassinated. The movie was so-so, but the *song* at the end swept me off my feet.

I missed the Grammys this year, but apparently Never Gonna Break My Faith, the final song of the movie (penned by Bryan Adams), won the award for Best Gospel Performance. Well, obviously. Aretha Franklin. Mary J. Blige. The Harlem Boys Choir. And a *killer* chorus. It's a breathtaking, moving song, and when you put it in the context of the Kennedy assasination, it's almost too much.
You can lie to a child with a smiling face,
Tell me that color ain't about a race
You can cast the first stone,
You can break my bones
But you never gonna break,
You never gonna break my faith
Faith and hope ain't yours to give
Truth and liberty are mine to live
Steal a crown from a king,
Break an angels wings
But you never gonna break ,
You never gonna break my faith
Someone posted the song on YouTube so you can listen to it here:

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