Friday, September 19, 2008

September 21: International Day of Peace

In 1981, the UN established an International Day of Peace, and in 2002, they set the date permanently for September 21. The resolution reads:
"(The International Day of Peace) offers a cessation of violence and conflict throughout the world"
Here are some small and large things you and your family can do to celebrate this year's International Day of Peace. Have other good ideas? Please post them in the comments below.
  • Light a candle
  • Have a moment (or 15 minutes, or even an hour) of silence
  • Send a kind note to someone you've had a recent conflict with
  • Send a note of comfort or a small care package to a soldier, or to someone you know who is dealing with conflict in their everyday life
  • Check for a Peace Day event in your area (in a town near me, folks are gathering to create "pinwheels for peace" that will be installed as a local public art project)
  • Make a commitment to cut one thing out of your schedule for the year that will lighten your load and bring more peace to your family life
  • Plan and organize a project for peace for your school, your community, or your family
  • Smile at someone you don't know
  • Put up a poster (.pdf) or two at your library, town hall, or supermarket
This last one is from the International Day of Peace website, and it's something each and every one of us can do:
International Day of Peace is also a Day of Ceasefire – personal or political. Take this opportunity to make peace in your own relationships...Imagine what a whole Day of Ceasefire would mean to humankind.
Here's a great audio documentary by a 10 year old boy from Madison, WI, interviewing "the younger generation" about war and peace:

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