Friday, February 16, 2007

Grab Bag Friday: 2008 Election--Get Involved!

I was reading Britt Bravo's Have Fun Do Good blog last week & she featured this 2 minute campaign announcement preview. No matter what your politics, I was struck by Senator Obama's message.
It's true. We get so jaded. We think: politics are corrupt, the world is a mess, it's up to the rich and powerful to change it, and they never will.

But as Senator Obama points out, there is another possibility.
The possibility that we could reengage.

Odds are, one person might not make too much of a difference (though, thankfully, there are always the Mother Theresas and Paul Farmers out there to prove me wrong). But, if you engage a little, and your family engages a little, and your friends and neighbors engage a little...

This is how change occurs. Little by little. Day by day.

The same way that messes get cleaned up.

So whoever you're pulling for in 2008...

Let's roll up our sleeves.

Let's get involved!

Barack Obama Official Website


BRE said...

He is a smart young politician and all Americans can be proud of Barack Obama. But the truth is that Washington D.C. is a snakepit of politicians and "other types" trying to outdo one another in the name of the American people.

In order to hold the top job in Washington D.C. (President of the United States) you need lots of experience in handling wild animals and unfortunately Barack Obama does not have that experience, yet. In my opinion he needs to concentrate more on being a good U.S. Senator representing the interests of the people of the Land of Lincoln and the rest of the United States. After a few successful terms in the Senate and some experience in handling America's urgent business overseas, then Mr. Obama can talk to me about being President.

I know that my opinion of Barack Obama's presidential candidancy is unpopular amongst many people back home, but let's get R-E-A-L. We the American people are in deep joghurt abroad and at home and we need a new President that knows what they are doing and can listen to and follow the smart advice of wise people.

What about Hillary? Hillary is out, too much baggage (her husband). If she gets rid of "Wild Bill" then I might consider it. Not only would she be the first female President of the U.S.A., but the first single woman President who is also a working mother!

Josephine Cameron said...

You certainly have a valid point, and I know a lot of people will agree with you. I, however, agree with the op-ed piece in last week's New York Times, and think that what we really need right now is someone with good judgement.

To sum up, here's the first paragraph of the piece:
"As the official Barack Obama rollout reaches its planned climax on 60 Minutes tonight, we'll learn if he has the star power to upstage Anna Nicole Smith. But at least one rap against him can promptly be laid to rest: his lack of experience. If time in the United States Senate is what counts for presidential seasoning, maybe his two years' worth is already too much. Better he get out now, before there's another embarrassing nonvote on a nonbinding measure about what will soon be a four-year-old war."

And the last: "Washington's conventional wisdom has it that the worse things go in the war, the more voters will want to stick with the tried and true: Clinton, McCain, Giuliani. But as Mr. Obama reminds us, 'Nobody had better Washington resumes than Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld.' In the wake of the catastrophe they and their enablers in both parties have made, the inexperienced should have a crack at inheriting the earth, especially if they're clean."

It will be interesting, that's for sure...