Friday, February 9, 2007

Grab Bag Friday: Songwriting for Kids Club

When I was a kid, a few of my friends & I had a club creatively called Kids Club. We had weekly meetings, took minutes, and did various odd, entrepreneurial things like paint pencils and create food items (peas, carrrots, potatoes) out of clay, and then go door to door in our neighborhood trying to sell them to sympathetic (and probably baffled) housewives. We even had a clubhouse. The goal, of course, was candy. Every cent we earned went toward trips to "The Little Store" for brown bags filled with Skor bars, Jolly Ranchers, and Big League Chew.

Well, now I'm a full grown adult and apparently I still want to be in a club. This one is called Songwriting for Kids Club (notice the We won't have weekly meetings or sell stuff for candy, but there will be some fun, interactive, creative things to do, contests to enter, prizes to win. And most importantly, we're going to create lots of music!

We don't have a clubhouse yet, but one of the first things that I've started as part of this club is the Songwriting for Kids Club Blog. This is a "monthly newsletter for creative kids" and the February post has, of course, a Black History Month theme. Visit the blog to find out how you can take a trip on the Underground Railroad, or join a jazz band, or learn about the life stories of Billie Holliday, Charlie Parker, and Louis Armstrong.

If you want to join the Songwriting for Kids Club, you can sign up right there on the blog or on the SFK website, and we'll make bee-you-tiful music together! Please spread the word to all the creative kids in your life. It's so fun to be part of a club! (Maybe we can even find a way to get some Jolly Ranchers out of the deal!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Josie!

Your Songwriting for Kids Club website is so fun! I enjoyed exploring it, even as an "adult"! I'm forwarding information on your Songwriting workshops to parents of all kids that I know...

Josephine Cameron said...

Thanks, Amy! I know I had a blast playing the PBS Kids "Join a Jazz Band" game. Who says kids stuff has to just be for kids? Thanks for spreading the word!