Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Extra: Black History in Europe

Thank you to Bill over at Jewels in the Jungle for his link to my post about Valaida Snow. Bill, Jörg Wolf (from Altantic Review), and their team of scholars are working on a very interesting project about Black History in Europe.


BRE said...

Thank you dear (Josephine) for the Heads Up on our little project. I saw this brief post a few days ago but was too busy digging in the dark & dusty kellers of Europe's history looking for lost and hidden information.

We (the team) are ready now, we've come up with the goods. Three to five new posts on the subject will be published in rapid fire by various team members. How's your German, French, Italian, and Latin skills? You're gonna need 'em to follow some of this stuff.

Ciao for now und Auf Wiedersehen!

Josephine Cameron said...

You've got a lot of interesting things going on over there. My Deutsch is not so good, so *thank you* for taking the time to translate Patrick's piece into English. I'm looking forward to reading it (& the others, too)!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link.

Bill has written great stuff.

I have finally finished my first, but detailed post on Black History Month in Germany.

Josephine Cameron said...

Thanks, Joerg. I found the "Is Black History Month a Good Thing?" section to be particularly interesting. It's important to keep thinking about these things and reviewing our motives and modes of operation. Take care!