Monday, April 23, 2012

Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators

I met so many nice people at the NESCBWI conference this weekend, and am ready to get down to work (as soon as I catch up on my sleep)! Here are a few notes I took at the conference that struck me as being applicable to both storytelling and life:

-Part of growing up is aligning desire with often say and do things that are the opposite of what they want (I'm pretty sure I still do this on a relatively regular basis!)

-Think: Does this FEED me or does it COST me?

-Instead of "what does my character want": "what does my character care about?"

-Write to your strengths, revise to your weakness.

-What would you do if you knew that failure was impossible?


Ann Braden said...

What great takeaways!

Those were some of my favorite lines, too!

Debbi Michiko Florence said...

Wished I could have been there! :)

Josephine Cameron said...

Thanks, Ann!

Debbi, it would have been great to see you! There's always next year...