Friday, April 6, 2012

Grab Bag Friday: The Wrecking Project

18 dances 
9 choreographers from 5 different cities
16 performers
3 separate programs over 1 weekend

Putting on a professional dance production of any size is a gargantuan task, but my talented friend Kate Corby seems to always take it to the next level. Kate and her collaborator Julie Mayo have curated a choreography experiment called The Wrecking Project which will premiere next weekend in Chicago (ticket info).

The Wrecking Project is an ambitious and expensive undertaking and the group is raising money to help with the cost of airfare and rehearsal space. Even a small donation will make a difference: Support The Wrecking Project.

Here's a sum-up of the project (I wish I was in Chicago next weekend!):
Julie Mayo and Kate Corby have invited a group of rigorous dance-makers with distinctive sensibilities to wreck, or re-imagine, one another's finished work, inspired by choreographer Susan Rethorst's work with wrecking dances in the mid 1990's. The "wrecking process" parameters stipulate that the original work's performer(s) must remain the same, but everything else is fair game.

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Kate said...

Awww. Just seeing this now. Thanks Josie!