Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Martha Tilton: Loch Lomond

I'm feeling a little old fashioned this morning, so I went searching for some Martha Tilton. Chances are you've never heard of her, which is a shame since she has one of the most lilting voices known to mankind. In fact, I believe some used to call her "liltin' Tilton" (clever, no?)

Best known as the vocalist who sang And the Angels Sing with the Benny Goodman Orchestra at their first Carnegie Hall Concert in 1938, Ms. Tilton and the band also tore it up with a swinging version of the old Scottish tune, Loch Lomond.

I love the Benny Goodman version of this song. Hilariously, my Martha Tilton/Loch Lomond search also brought me to a kitschy gem of a video made in 1941. The awkward hip-swinging, step-dancing bit made my day. And the two guys who have no purpose but to stand by a rock and do a brief bagpipe impression? Priceless. I'll be chuckling all morning long.

Here are both versions for your enjoyment:

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