Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Songwriting for Kids and They Might Be Giants

Well okay, these are two separate news items. But wouldn't it be cool if Songwriting for Kids and They Might Be Giants hooked up? Ah, the stuff dreams are made of...

News item #1 (SFK): The June 1 registration deadline for Songwriting, Fiction, and Poetry Writing for Kids summer workshops is just around the corner! If you're in Maine and you know someone who'd enjoy these classes (they're a blast!), please spread the word.

News item #2 (TMBG): Did you know that They Might Be Giants is going to sponsor 10 Little League Teams? To get *your* team in the running for those cool yellow shirts, go to the TMBG Little League page and scroll to the bottom for application instructions. (Thanks to Zooglobble for the link!)

Hmmm...if my team was named after a cool band, maybe I would have taken a bit more interest in grade school softball. As it was, I just sat (yes, sat!) in right field and thought about how unfair it was that the coach (my dad) wouldn't let me bring my book out there. It's not like we *ever* got a field hit, so I really didn't see what the big deal was. Hmph!

How about you? Any fond (or otherwise) childhood memories of our nation's favorite summer pastime?

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