Monday, May 18, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray! Fuse #8 Top 100 Picture Books Poll

Three cheers for Betsy Bird at Fuse #8! The final Top 100 Picture Books Poll list has been meticulously and lovingly compiled, complete with bibliography (Ms. Bird is a librarian by day, after all!)

Well, I did okay on my guesses about which books would end up in the Top Ten. 7 out of 10 isn't bad. What were my downfalls?
1. Who could have guessed that The Carrot Seed wouldn't make it onto the list at all? My mother would be appalled.

2. I swear, I've never even heard of Millions of Cats which snuck into 9th place.

3. I completely underestimated Mo Willems, who took two, count 'em, two! spots in the top ten with Knuffle Bunny and Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.
Now, before you view the list and get all worked up that The Cat In the Hat doesn't show up, please keep in mind that this was a readers poll for picture books only. No easy readers allowed. With that little caveat out of the way....go, peruse, enjoy!

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