Friday, May 15, 2009

Grab Bag Friday: Looking for a Song about Love, Money, and Friends Who Move Away

Every once in a while, on author Cynthia Lord's journal, she'll post some of the funny search engine keywords that bring people to her website. Just for fun, I checked out what words people type in that bring them to my Songwriting for Kids pages. Here are a few of the gems:

good song for when a friend moves away (This search shows up in many different forms, and I totally understand. It was a huge theme in my life when I was a kid. Other favorite versions of this are sad songs if ur friend moved away and my friend moved what song should i listen to)

a song some one wrote it in words

a song someone wrote and needs someone to sing it

a song that describes you like someone but in love with someone else (ouch!)

any songs with mackenzie in it? (I *still* get excited when I find a song with Josephine in it!)

enter a contest where you have to type in all the lyrics to hannah montana (Oh my gosh, *is* there such a contest? I know a few girls who would be tough contenders.)

have to courage in singing a solo (Oh, sweetie. I *wish* I could give out courage on my website.)

how to write a hit song at the age of nine

how much money does a hit song earn? (another extremely popular search!)

i think i have a hit song

i wrote a song now what

im 12 years old and i need a love song (love songs, as you can imagine, are a popular search item as well)

looking for that song about i dont need love, i need money (combining two of the hit themes here...)

need to make money age 9 (This kid should hook up with the age nine trying to write a hit song!)

song about grapes for kids (huh?)

write 10 folk songs from the computer (What a mission!)

Happy weekend everyone!

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