Friday, August 8, 2008

Grab Bag Friday: Broken Angels

Ok, at the risk of being a total fangirl I'm posting two So You Think You Can Dance posts in one week. The finale was last night, it was spectacular, my favorite dancer won, so a little celebration/indulgence of sorts is in order, right? Hey, what else are obsessions for? Or blogs, for that matter.

So this is the first season of So You Think that I've watched, and one of my favorite things about the show was the group performances. The diversity of choreography on the show is unreal and so much fun. It's hard to say, but I think the Broken Angels piece by Mia Michaels was my very favorite.

So here's a behind-the-scenes interview with Mia Michaels about the piece:

Here's the piece:


Amy Schimler-Safford said...

I loved this piece! Mia Michael's is so inspiring - her work is spell binding.

Josephine Cameron said...

I absolutely agree!

Anonymous said...

I love that show! And Mia's work never disappoints - I missed this piece and sooo glad you posted it here!