Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Clare and the Reasons: Pluto

Over at The Cinnamon Rabbit last week, talented illustrator Julia Denos recommended some music. And whenever Julia Denos recommends music, I listen. It's certain to be something charming and ethereal.

And of course, I wasn't let down. Clare and the Reasons are the epitome of charming and ethereal. Especially Pluto, the first song off their debut album, The Movie.

I listened to this song the first time, and was taken with the playful arrangement and Clare Muldaur's light, mischievous voice. It's similar in tone and style to Nina Persson from The Cardigans (which, if you ask me, is *always* a good thing).

Then I listened to the lyrics. Who would have thought someone could (or would) write a smart, witty, and truly catchy song about Pluto losing it's planet status? (Ok, They Might Be Giants could do it in their sleep, but who else?)

I'm in love with the line, "Cheer up, Pluto, the stars still want you and we down here do too."

Then I saw the video. Quirky, goofy, and ridiculously fun. And that's when I got addicted. I've had the song in my head for a week. Thanks, Cinnamon Rabbit!

5 comments: said...

Hey Jo!

Thanks and I'm so glad you liked Clare &TR.

I can't stop listening, they are my new little soundtrack these days. How about you? I'm pretty attached the Pluto (the planet) now. Poor guy. ;)

Josephine Cameron said...

I know. I really found a new found sympathy for the former planet. :) Thanks again for the recommendation!

Anonymous said...

Rocknoceros does a great "Pluto" song... and now the Nields have one, too...

Laurel Kornfeld said...

I love the song, and Pluto IS still very much a planet! Check out this petition of over 300 professional astronomers who publicly rejected the controversial IAU demotion:

Josephine Cameron said...

Ha! That's fascinating. Thanks, Laura.