Friday, February 29, 2008

Grab Bag Friday: Tag, You're It!

I have to admit I never really liked the game of tag. I used to hide in the tire house with a book whenever the big kids declared a school-wide game. But, this week, I got tagged by the whimsical CG ("creative genius") Amy Schimler, and this version of the game seems a *lot* more fun.

1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post THE RULES on your blog.
3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 people and link to them.
5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

So here are 7 random facts about me that you may or may not already know:

1. I won the Lead Shoe Award in track. The award was for "determination". In other words, in 4 years, I only passed one person and she was having an asthma attack on the side (I felt bad passing her, but hey, I was beating somebody!)

2. My first goldfish was named Goldie, my first cat was Kitty, and my first bird was Tweety. It was pretty obvious I would go into a creative career.

3. I'm pretty handy with a hole saw.

4. One of my favorite things to do is hum to periwinkles. If you hum a steady hum, they come out of their shells and dance around. Honestly, they do.

5. I love to go to aquariums & pet the manta rays.

6. I'm a Rummy 500 card shark.

7. I'm also addicted to this game.

Here are my tags...some people worth checking out if you are interested in...
  1. Stunning photos
  2. Gorgeous illustration
  3. Poignant fiction
  4. Fabulous kids' music
  5. Comedic relief
  6. Multicultural kids' book reviews
This is my sister's blog on hiatus, but *worth* browsing the archives if you are interested in:
7. South America


Amy Schimler-Safford said...

Hi Josephine, sorry to do that to you - you posted the most interesting links. I am really going to enjoy reading your sister's blog. Where is she now? I have to fill you in on the SE Asia escapades.

Josephine Cameron said...

Hi Amy. Don't worry...this tag was way more fun than the kind that actually involves running! My sister's now in an MFA program honing her writing skills so she can write down all her adventures. I'm super proud of her. And yes, SE Asia stories, please. :)