Monday, June 18, 2007

Alice Munro: The Bear Came Over the Mountain

Away From Her, the film adaption of Alice Munro's short story "The Bear Came Over the Mountain" is coming to our little arthouse theater soon. I love Alice Munro, so naturally I was poking around the internet to read some reviews, and I came across some very interesting things.

Most importantly:
You can read the entire story online for free at The New Yorker. For real. This is really phenomenal (thanks to The Kenyon Review for the link!) The Bear Came Over the Mountain is a story about an older, married couple dealing with Alzheimer's. Print it out and save it for a quiet morning with a cup of tea. As with most Alice Munro stories, multiple layers unfold slowly with extreme attention to detail, and even the smallest moments are both complex and very simple. It's beautiful.

A couple recent movie reviews in:
The Kenyon Review
The Chutry Experiment
The Virtual World
The Montreal Mirror

Filmmaker Sarah Polley on NPR's Fresh Air (audio)
Sarah Polley at Dark Horizons (blog)
Alice Munro in The Virginia Quarterly Review (on her most recent short story collection, The View from Castle Rock)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to my blog and the link to Munro's story. I'll try to take some time out this afternoon and read it because I am curious about how Polley reworked the narrative structure and to see what she added.

As my review suggests, I loved Polley's film adaptation and hope that she gets the opportunity to make many more films as a writer-director.

Josephine Cameron said...

Hi Chuck.
I hope you'll like the story. I love to see how filmmakers adapt fiction, and I often feel a mix of hope and dread before seeing a film made from a book I've really enjoyed. But your review has me looking forward to seeing Polley's version.
Take care!