Friday, May 25, 2007

Grab Bag Friday: Garden Plans

It's Memorial Day weekend, which to me means parades, barbecue, friends, and probably lots of yard work!

Now, I have always loved to garden. I like to be outside quietly mucking around in the dirt. I love worms and soil under my fingernails, and I love watching things grow. But I'm not a great gardener. I tend to overwater and underwater in phases. I'm good at pulling weeds, but I sometimes pull up plants. I've planted shade plants in the sun, and sun plants in the shade. Even still, things turn out ok in the end, generally.

But this week, I came across something that blew my mind. This may be cheating to some of you master gardeners, but for someone who loved Paint-By-Numbers as a child, it's a dream come true.

Better Homes & Gardens has an entire line of free
garden plans
on their website. This is truly Paint-By-Numbers for the amateur gardener. For instance, click on Beginner Garden for Full Sun. You will find a detailed planting guide that has:
  • A list of plants
  • A list of alternate plants that might be better suited to your region
  • A chart of exactly where to plant each plant (accounting for plant heights and when each plant will be in flower so you have color all season long)
  • Instructions on planting, watering, mulching, aftercare
  • Reviews from other readers who have tried this plan
This is brilliant. Now I just have to pick out which plan I'm going to try out first!

As a special, extra long-weekend treat, here's a really cute post from the new blog Confessions of a Trophy Husband. Enjoy!

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