Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Top 50 Music Videos of 2006

Hope everyone had happy and cozy holidays!

Now that we're headed to 2007, we'll be bombarded with the inevitable "lists of the year." Top 5 this, top 100 that. DoCopenhagen, an alternative music blog has posted a very cool Top 50 Music Videos of 2006 list, including embedded YouTube videos so you can watch them all right there. (Thanks to David Hooper from the Music Marketing & Success Strategies blog for the link.)

I loved the whimsical feel of this M. Ward video, "Chinese Translation," so I thought I'd share.

To view all of DoCopenhagen's Top 50 picks, click here. [Please note: while a lot of these videos are ultra kid-friendly & would be fun & engaging for kids, some may not may choose to preview them if you are browsing with very young children.]


Kate said...

Thanks for this link! It will help cleanse my mind of all the MTV I have been watching lately (my ONLY English channel). That Pink video has to be the worst thing ever.

Josephine Cameron said...

Reba & I once stayed up and watched Ben Hur in its entirety simply because it was the only thing on in English. Can't decide if I'd rather watch Ben Hur or MTV...
Hope you enjoy the videos!

Anonymous said...

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