Friday, December 15, 2006

Grab Bag Friday: Silent Night

When I was about 11 or 12, my mom took my friend April and I to see a Lisa Whelchel concert. (Yes, the Lisa Whelchel of "Facts of Life Fame"...she had a stint as a CCM musician, and while everyone else in my class was going down to Milwaukee to see Metallica, we got to go to Merrill to see a former Mickey Mouse Club star.) Well, we enjoyed the show (especially the song "Be a good girl. Why be a good girl?") but we had one major problem with her performance. She closed her eyes through every song! How dopey could you be? We complained about it all the way home, and I told my friend April, "If I ever become a singer, I will *never* close my eyes when I sing!"

Well, I just created 3 Christmas videos for YouTube, and you can view Silent Night, Mary Had a Baby, and Little Drummer Boy here. April, if you're out there, please forgive me.

Hope to see some of you tonight at the Richard Nelson Quintet show! Details...

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