Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Julie Lee and the Baby Daddies

My friend Paul tipped me off to the fact that Julie Lee has a new album out this month. Hooray!

Kevin and I first saw Julie Lee a few years back at a club in Nashville. She knocked us off our feet with her old-timey, genuine style and sweet, clear voice. What I really remember about the evening, though, are the "kitchen instruments."

During one song, she handed vintage kitchen gadgets to the audience so that we could be her rhythm section. There were flour sifters and wooden spoons. I had one of those old strainers you make applesauce out of, and Kevin had a glass mason jar to tap on. The effect was this rough, metallic, clanky, and energetic rhythm section that was undeniably cool.

Until Kevin broke his instrument. Yep, smashed the mason jar to pieces. The boy doesn't know his own strength! (Don't worry, no one was hurt, Ms. Lee was very gracious, and after a bit of clean up, the rollicking concert continued on without a hitch.)

To celebrate the new album, here are two videos, one old and one new:

Julie Lee: Born to Pine and Sigh (2008)

Julie Lee and the Baby Daddies Promo Video (2012)

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