Friday, March 11, 2011

Grab Bag Friday: Find Your Footprint

National Geographic is sponsoring a "Find Your Footprint" contest to challenge classrooms across the country to come up with a plan to reduce our carbon footprint. Six finalists have been chosen, and you can vote until Wednesday (the 16th) for the winner.

The videos the kids have made are great, and they've come up with some fantastic plans. I'm partial to the Catalog Canceling Challenge for three reasons:
  1. It's simple.
  2. The teacher is a Bowdoin College alum (go Polar Bears!)
  3. I hate hate hate getting catalogs in the mail. Imagine the paper, resources, and mailbox space that could be saved if you only received catalogs you want!

I encourage you to go check out the finalists. Which one is your favorite? Now vote!

(In the 150 seconds it will take you to watch this video, 94,000 catalogs will be mailed. That's insane.)

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