Monday, September 13, 2010

Jane Yolen: Take Joy!

Take Joy: A Writer's Guide to Loving the CraftThis morning, I am working hard to finish up one more revision of my novel. Skimming through my notebook, I found a quote I had written down from Jane Yolen's book on writing, Take Joy: A Writer's Guide to Loving the Craft. Jane Yolen has been an inspiration to me since I was teenager, so I thought I'd pass this on to you.

"So here's a wish from the Winter Queen for all of you: May you choose well those things to carry you into the even tide of your own lives. Make a raft of those choices, a raft that will slip easily through stormy seas, where the waves are wild and bright with foam. And may you come at last, as I have, to safe harbor and a welcoming shore with many books to hand, those you have written and those you hope to have time still to read."

I love the idea of making a raft of our choices. It's an interesting way to think about decisions as we all head toward that even tide. Will this sustain me? Will this travel well? And the welcoming shore with many books to hand? Now, that's my idea of heaven!


Shannon Morgan said...

A great wish for authors. I really like that book, mostly for the no-nonsense, tough-love advice she offers. She doesn't sugar-coat anything or suggest that everyone can succeed in the business. I appreciate that.

Fr. Tom Fish said...

What a joy to find your blog! The quote you cited is a perfect example of how differently something will strike at a new stage in one's writing career. I'm looking forward to the ride..