Friday, December 18, 2009

Grab Bag Friday: The National Holiday Project

Yesterday I was talking to one of my student assistants who is, as you can imagine, *very* excited for winter break. She was so excited to go home and spend the holidays with her sisters and brothers, nieces and nephews...she couldn't wait to surround herself with family.

As I get ready to get my own home all cozy for my family visitors, I can't help but think of all the people who *don't* have family during the holidays. For instance: did you know that 50% of nursing home residents have no close relatives?

The National Holiday Project is dedicated to organizing holiday visits to nursing homes across the country. If you'd like to visit a nursing home this season, you can go to their site and find a contact for your area. If your area isn't listed, you can call a local home to set up a visit. To volunteer at a nursing home year-round, contact your local facility, or sign up for the Friendly Visitors program to be matched with a conveniently located residence.

For other tips on how to make a difference in your area during the holidays, please visit my previous posts: The Local Level.

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