Monday, July 20, 2009

Dorothy Parker: One Perfect Rose

Today begins the first day of my Poetry Writing for Kids workshop. I can't wait! The last time I taught poetry was as an MFA student. I taught an introductory poetry workshop to a group of undergraduates who were barely a year younger than me. On the first day, I was so nervous that I walked head-on into a television that was hung on the classroom wall, and I nearly fainted from the pain (or the nervousness). Somehow, I managed to regain my composure and soldier on, and the class turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences I had in grad school.

I'm anticipating a fun week full of surprises and fresh creativity (and I checked...there are no televisions in my classroom!) Here's a fabulous Dorothy Parker poem we'll be using today to learn about quatrains:

One Perfect Rose by Dorothy Parker

A single flow'r he sent me, since we met.
All tenderly his messenger he chose;
Deep-hearted, pure, with scented dew still wet--
One perfect rose.

I knew the language of the floweret;
"My fragile leaves," it said, "his heart enclose."
Love long has taken for his amulet
One perfect rose.

Why is it no one ever sent me yet
One perfect limousine, do you suppose?
Ah no, it's always just my luck to get
One perfect rose.

Photo by capsicina.

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