Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Emmylou Harris & Dave Matthews: My Antonia

A friend of mine lent me My Antonia by Willa Cather to read over the Thanksgiving holiday. As always, my vacation reading list was overly ambitious (I usually bring 5-6 books and end up reading two), and the book is sitting patiently on my dresser waiting its post-vacation turn.

But the result of having Willa Cather in my possession for the last 10 days is that every single day I have found myself inadvertently humming, whistling, or singing the gorgeous Emmylou Harris song of the same name.

So I simply had to post this video of Emmylou Harris and Dave Matthews singing My Antonia:


Anonymous said...

Josephine, you sure know how to pick them! My Antonia, what a lovely song!!! Thanks for sharing!


Annie Patterson said...

Thanks for sharing that, it was beautiful.

Josephine Cameron said...

So glad you both liked it. She's just breathtaking, isn't she?

Unknown said...

I love the song too but the question is, what, if anything, is the connection between the Emmylou Harris song and the book of the same title?

Josephine Cameron said...

Good question! I'm in the middle of the book right now, & I'm afraid something's going to happen to Antoinia simply because I can hear Emmylou singing "I'll never see you in this world again" certainly adds a level of suspense. :)

I'll have to keep you posted when I finish the book.