Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Buddy Holly: Three Tunes and an Interview

It's my dad's birthday today, so I have a few Buddy Holly treats lined up. When I think of my dad and music, I always think of the short-lived band he had when I was a kid. They would practice in our basement and play songs like "That'll Be the Day." I probably would have grown up to love Buddy Holly anyway, but those few evenings curled up on the couch in my flannel pajamas, watching my dad and his friends goof around and make music--those really sealed the deal.

I also have fond memories of my dad singing Buddy Holly songs karaoke on a number of occasions. Not a bad image. :)

Here's a 1957 Buddy Holly interview with Red Robinson. I love how he tries to pin Buddy down on how long rock music will last ("Six months? Seven months?"):

Here's one of my favorites, Oh Boy. Sadly, the tracking is off a little:

The infamous That'll Be the Day:

A great live version of Peggy Sue, on the last TV appearance before Buddy Holly's death. The intro here is priceless:

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Anna Vodicka said...

Haha...that Peggy Sue intro *is* priceless! Wish we would've had it on hand when all our friends were watching MTV and VH1 and we weren't allowed! :)

Happy birthday, Dad!