Monday, April 7, 2008

Readergirlz: Operation TBD

April 17th is Support Teen Literature Day, and the folks over at readergirlz have found a pretty spectacular way to celebrate. Together with the Young Adult Library Services Association, readergirlz has organized a massive book drop to hospitals all over the country, and there's something simple you can do to help.

Justina Chen Headly, author and co-founder of readergirlz, explains the idea like this:
“While touring my local children’s hospital to research my novel, Girl Overboard, I couldn’t help noticing that teen patients didn’t seem to have the comfort objects that the little ones did. As an author, I knew that YA books—books with exceptional characters and fabulous stories—could provide teen patients with some of the escape and inspiration they needed.”
So this April 17th, as part of readergirlz' Operation Teen Book Drop, 20 publishers will donate over 10,000 Young Adult books to pediatric hospitals.

Get Involved!
readergirlzreadergirlz is inviting everyone to participate in the book drop! Here's what you can do:
  1. Pick a Young Adult book you'd like to donate.
  2. Download the Operation TBD bookplate and paste it inside the book, telling the recipient to read and enjoy.
  3. On April 17th, drop the book in any public place (coffee shop, school, park...)
  4. Join the after-party! Here's the official invite:
We invite all readergirlz and authors to join our online two-hour book party hosted at the readergirlz MySpace group forum, on April 17th (Support Teen Literature Day), from 6-8pm Pacific/9-11pm Eastern. The chat will be in a thread titled "TBD Post Op Party." The readergirlz divas will be giving away books and prizes, and chatting with teens and authors from around the world. We've invited so many authors and girlz you just never know who you might end up chatting with!
For more information about readergirlz, check out their manifesta.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting about Operation TBD! It's going to be fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for supporting Operation TBD!

Lorie Ann Grover, readergirlz diva/author

Josephine Cameron said...

Absolutely. What a great program. I hope lots of people will get involved!