Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Band of Horses Offshoots

NPR's Song of the Day has recently been featuring some lovely projects by former members of Band of Horses. I always love to see the projects musicians take on after they leave a band, so it was fun to come across these.

Yesterday's Song of the Day was "Sleepdriving" by Grand Archives, a band started by former Band of Horses guitarist Mat Brooke. The song is lush and hazy, a dreamy pop song that doesn't stray too too far from the Band of Horses mold. (Listen to Sleepdriving here.)

Earlier in March, NPR featured "You're Not Broken," a dreamy, country-tinged song by former Band of Horses drummer, Sera Cahoone. Cahoone made a bit more drastic change, coming out from behind the drums to write songs, sing, and play the guitar, but she too retains the dreamlike wash-of-sound aesthetic. (Listen to You're Not Broken here.)


Kate said...

Thanks Josie. 'Sleepdriving' made my morning.

Josephine Cameron said...

I'm so glad :)