Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Songwriting for Kids 1-2-3

Here's the lastest 1-2-3 from Songwriting for Kids:

1. 2008 Summer Program information and registration is here! Explore your creativity at a week-long songwriting workshop (entering grades K-3) or fiction writing workshop (entering grades 4-6). You can also stop by the Listening Room to hear songs from last year's workshops.

2. Oksana (age 6) wrote a hit song! Oksana, from Great Falls, Virginia, is our newest I Wrote a Hit Song! Contest winner. Please visit her song page to read the lyrics and comment on her sweet song: Since My Friend Moved Away. You can find information on how to submit your own song here (ages 12 & under only, please).

3. Songwriting for Kids Club is moving to a quarterly format. The Spring newsletter is now up with a new Songwriting Challenge and a new quiz. And of course, feel free to browse any of the previous Songwriting Challenges, and use the ideas to enter your song in the I Wrote a Hit Song! Contest.

Always leave 'em singing...

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