Friday, November 30, 2007

Grab Bag Friday: Can You Believe It's Been a Year?

A year ago in November, I wrote my very first blog post, inviting all of you to Please Come Flying. I can't believe it has been a year already! I've met so many interesting and nice people, been in touch with old friends, and enjoyed myself thoroughly. So *thank you* for reading!

As I look forward to my second year of blogging, I have a question for you. I have a pretty open format, right? Books, music, and a little something extra each week...

What is it that you like to read about most at Please Come Flying?

You can be as specific as you want...list a particular post that you liked, or a general type of post (poetry, music, movies, recipes, etc.) I always write about things that interest me, so now I want to know what interests you. :) Is there anything that you'd like to see more (or less) of?

Things to look forward to in December & January:
  • I'm going to reprise the Alternative Giving and Local Level series' that I did during the holiday season last year. If any of you have ideas for alternative gifts (things that move away from the traditional store-bought gift or things that "give back") or ideas about how to help on the local level during the holidays...please send me an email and I'll include it in my series (jcinfo *at* josephinecameron *dot* com).
  • I'll pass on a few Best Of 2007 lists that I think are cool. (Hey, maybe we'll even create our own!)
  • In January, I'll be focusing a bit on time management and the ever-present problem of how to keep balance in our lives.
Just for fun...
Top 5 most-popular posts at Please Come Flying since day one:

  1. Alice Munro: The Bear Came Over the Mountain (688 views!)
  2. American Songs 2 Sneak Preview: Oh Susanna
  3. Lullaby: I See The Moon
  4. Ruby Bridges: Through My Eyes
  5. Goin Home: Antonin Dvorak & William Arms

*Thank you* to all of you for reading. *Thank you* for the comments. *Thank you* for the links. You're the best. Really.

I'd like to send a special thank you to the following people and blogs who have kindly reviewed my blog, spread the word, or otherwise helped out during this first year of Please Come Flying:

Kevin from Alert the Bear (sadly on hiatus right now, but you can still read the archives)
The other Kevin from Confessions of a Trophy Husband
Bill & Reba from Hatchet Cove Farm
Stefan from Zooglobble
Bill from Spare the Rock
Shipyard (the Capt'n Eli's Strawberry Pop people!)
Jules & Eisha from Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Amy from Red Fish Circle
Jewels in the Jungle

Here's to another 12 months!

In a cloud of fiery pale chemicals,
please come flying
to the rapid rolling of thousands of small blue drums
descending out of the mackerel sky
over the glittering grandstand of harbor-water,
please come flying.
(Elizabeth Bishop)


Amy said...

Hi Josie,
Congratulations - I can't believe it's been a year either! I love reading your blog and enjoy the mix of things you write about. I can't choose favorites.
Looking forward to more!

Anna Vodicka said...

Congrats--1 year old! Thank you for all the entertainment/info/music/art! You are great!

BRE said...

Happy 1st Anniversary Josephine! I see via your Technorati stats that you have built up a very loyal readership over the past 12 months. Unfortunately I haven't stopped by your place (blog) as much as I should have since discovering Please Come Flying back in February. There are so many good blogs out there and so little time.

I remain very grateful for your February 2007 post about the 1920-30's African-American female jazz trumpeter Valaida Snow. There is an American blog author living in Denmark who may be able to help us shed more light on Valiada Snow's imprisonment in Denmark during the German NS occupation period. Her name is Lesley-Ann, she hails from Brooklyn and you can find her excellent blog at BlackGirl from Mars.

Again, happy first anniversary and I am glad that you are enjoying writing and publishing text and music to Please Come Flying.

P.S. Another music-loving blogger buddy of mine is also celebrating her first blog anniversary this month. Checkout the hot tunes from Angola at Koluki:

Josephine Cameron said...

Thanks Amy, Anna, & Bill! And thanks, Bill, for the blog tips...I'll be sure to check out Lesley-Ann's blog and Koluki!

Stefan said...

Congrats -- here's to another 12 months of poetry and composting tips! (Not combined. I like them separate, please.)

Josephine Cameron said...

Thanks, Stefan. Now come on, don't you think there could be some great, practical, and aesthetic poetry about composting tips out there? Mmmmm...maybe not. :)