Friday, September 28, 2007

Grab Bag Friday: Monkey Woman

Ok, I admit it. It's true. My friend Reba caught me laughing until I could hardly breathe over this DVD that I rented from Netflix. What can I say? The hi-jinks are hilarious. The first half of the DVD is *much* funnier than the second half, but like any Candid Camera episode, all you need is one good belly laugh out of the hour to make it worth it.

There was a *great* bit on the DVD with Woody Allen dictating a very unprofessional letter to an unwitting secretary (apparently when he first started out, Woody Allen wrote for Candid Camera--who knew?), but I can't find it anywhere online to post here. So here's another funny one. I love this guy's reaction!

Am I the only one who is reduced to wheezes and tears by this show? My husband thinks I'm nuts!


Anonymous said...

So, I was just teaching my sister what a blog is when we happened upon this posting. I laughed so hard, mostly enjoying the thought of you enjoying it so much. I call my son Monkey Boy, but this puts a whole new spin on it.

p.s. she thinks the HCF site is awesome.

Josephine Cameron said...

hahaha! Hi to Monkey Boy for me!