Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Rock Out With Your Kids! The Lovely Mrs. Davis & Hockey Monkey

This week, the Lovely Mrs. Davis posted her Top 20 Kids Albums for Parents Who Can't Stand Kids Music. It's a very hip, very cool list that only includes music that rocks. You will definitely not find the Wiggles, but you will find albums and compilations geared toward the 8 and under set that include:
I was especially pleased to find a link to this Zambonis video: Hockey Monkey which has apparently been getting years of play on Nickelodeon.

The Zambonis are a band (with Peter Katis from Philistines Jr.) that write songs exclusively about (yes, this is true): hockey. If you don't believe me, you can visit their website and listen to their hit song I Wanna Drive the Zamboni (which is apparently featured in that new Will Farrell movie about figure skaters).

When I was in college (and a bit too-cool-for-school), I used to hang out at WBOR and listen to a well-worn Zambonis 7" that included such great hockey songs as "The Referee's Daughter" and "Away Game" and "Shot...Score!"

Thanks to the video link so kindly provided by the Lovely Mrs. Davis, I was able to find out that neither these songs nor the Zambonis have completely faded into indie rock oblivion. Their hockey obsession is alive and well, and those original songs can be found on their first full length album 100% Hockey & Other Stuff. They've even created more albums since that one, and have songs on a Christmas compilation (songs like "Zamboni Stuck in the Snow" and "The Ref that Stole Christmas"...beautiful!)

Who knew?

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