Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Local Level: Coats for Kids

It's close enough to Advent and the holiday season (at least most of the stores in town seem to think so!), so I'm going to devote Tuesdays and Thursdays to holiday-themed suggestions for the next few weeks. Tuesdays are going to be called The Local Level...small things that the whole family can do to make the season a little brighter right in your own backyard. Thursdays are going to be Alternative Gifts...out of the ordinary gifts that can have an impact on a more global level.

Local Level Tip #1: Donate Coats for Kids

Most towns have a Coats for Kids drive during the holiday season. So go through your closets & pull out the outgrown, forgotten, and neglected coats, scarves, mittens, hats, and boots from seasons past. Pass them on to someone in your area who might be a little colder than usual this year. The sooner the better...I know it's already snowing in the Midwest, and my hometown in Maine is getting colder by the day.

This is a great project for the whole family. Make it a special outing, an annual family tradition of passing on the gift of warmth!

Check your local paper, radio stations, and tv stations to find drop off locations. Or call your local Salvation Army or Community Services Center to find out where you can deliver your gifts. Click here for a page that will let you search for your local Salvation Army by zip code.

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