Friday, March 19, 2010

Grab Bag Friday: Awful Library Books

Fuse #8 posted a link to Awful Library Books, a site developed by two public librarians from Michigan who post the covers of books they have decided must come off the shelves (or be "weeded" as they say). It's impossible not to peruse the site without laughing out loud or gasping in horror. Most of the books fall into the categories of weird, horrifying, or hilariously outdated. A few entertaining examples...

Weird: Are turtles the logical step beyond basic dog training?

Horrific: This one's from a dieting book for teenage girls. The chapter that accompanies this image is titled "50 Ways To Lose Your Blubber." Good lord, please take it away!

Outdated: I'd like to see a kid check out this book on how to make your own animated movies. "Mom, I need a film splicer!"

Oh, the fun goes on and on... (I love how guys need a big healthy meal with a tall glass of milk, and girls should eat toast!)

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