Friday, November 28, 2008

Grab Bag Friday: Raising Kids Who Care

I hope you all had a warm, full, cozy Thanksgiving!  

This week, while I was on vacation, a Readers' Digest article, Raising Kids Who Care, showed up in my inbox. It's a terrific read, especially as we're all coming down from our Thanksgiving celebrations and gearing up for the holidays. Especially in this economic downturn it's essential to think about ways to spread the love.

Some tips from author Martha Fay about how to raise kids who care:
  • Encourage their passion (I love the idea of Kids Cheering Kids)
  • Start them young (kids who volunteer at a young age are more likely to continue to do so as adults)
  • Involve the whole family (make it a bonding experience)
  • Involve their friends (it's *so* much more fun to do things when your friends are coming along)
  • Take volunteering on the road (how about rethinking your next family vacation?)

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