Monday, July 21, 2008

Gary Schmidt: The Wednesday Wars

Well, I'm finally *back* from blog vacation. Well, sort of.

One of the books that I enjoyed quite a bit when I was away from my computer was Gary D. Schmidt's middle grade novel The Wednesday Wars. I was going to write you a nice little review about it, but since my husband already wrote one this morning that pretty much covers what I would have told you, I thought I'd just point you to his.

How about that? First day back, and already I'm passing the buck. :)

You can read K. M. Johnson's review of The Wednesday Wars over at Guys Lit Wire--a new blog about books for guys.

Guys Lit Wire is a great project and it's worth heading over there anyway to see what they're all about. So see? I'm not just passing the buck. I'm giving you more bang for your buck. Ok, I'm off now before the buck stops here. Ouch. That was sad. Really sad.

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