Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yael Naim: New Soul

A friend of mine recently sent me this video by Yael Naim. It's been out awhile, so maybe you've seen it, but I really liked how it deals with the act of creating and how lovely and fun the process can be.

It also made me think about how there are so many ways in which we can create our own reality, and how *that* is really like creating a work of art or music or a new space. It starts with imagination. What would you like to see, do, be? And then you can begin to create those things around you. And soon enough, you might just be able to push down the wall and *be* there...right in the middle of things.


Anna Vodicka said...

Thanks for sharing, Jos! What a happy study break during my final paper!

K. M. Johnson said...

I liked this video until the end. She introduced a goldfish (foreign species) into a non-native location. That's an environmental boo boo.

Josephine Cameron said...

:) Perhaps we should alert the Invasive Species Council.