Friday, July 20, 2007

Grab Bag Friday: Hanley Denning on Leadership

Shortly after I wrote about Hanley Denning and her work at Safe Passage, my mother sent me this list she found at the Institute for Civic Leadership's website. It's so insightful and applicable to all our lives, I thought I'd pass it on:
Taken from Hanley Denning's address to the ICL Leadership Exploration Breakfast Forum in May, 2006

Leadership as demonstrated by Hanley Denning:

1) Have a vision - really understand it, and never lose sight of it.

2) Be patient and extremely disciplined as you work, step by step, towards your vision. Don't get ahead of yourself.

3) Embrace those around you - listen to them carefully and often - and incorporate them into your actions.

4) Be a hands on, equal player - this builds trust, but also builds your
own understanding.

5) Be willing to make mistakes - none of this is already scripted. Take the risk, you may be surprised at the outcome.

6) Persistence is a must - keep at it. If you believe in your vision, don't give up. Find ways to move forward, even if it is by baby steps.

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